Electrical Company In dUBAI

TAS (LLC) Is among Best Electrical Company In Dubai. We Know Electricity is part of our lives without electricity we cant do anything for the best life electricity in the most common aspect. It is providing the light services and also included Heat.

If you are want to install a fan, light or repairing your doorbell then it is the right place for you  TAS Company- Electrician In Dubai is providing the best Electricity Repair services which are helpful to live the better life. 

TAS – Electrical contractors in Dubai have the good team of electricians  Trained professionals who possess high workmanship and deliver good quality of work.

Our Electrician in Dubai can assist you with a wide range of electrical issues, for example, settling something new to repairing an old one.IF you are hiring the Electrical contractors in Dubai then we are provided some basic services like

  • Replacing lights
  • Fused bulbs
  • Fan regulators
  • Repairing faulty connections or points
  • Repairing electrical appliances like the geyser

Our Electrical company in Dubai also take care of some products such as complete wiring or fixing something more serious such as short circuit issues and a lot more.  We have the more experienced staff in the field of Electricity.

When you need to hire the Electrician then you just need to get in touch with the TAS Electrical company in Dubai. Our Electrical contractors in Dubai also included some services like:-

  1. Building automation and energy management systems
  2. Electrical engineering and design
  3. Installation of life safety systems like fire alarms
  4. HVAC electrical repairs
  5. Audio/visual wiring for offices, conference rooms, or classrooms
  6. Preventative maintenance
  7. Troubleshooting
  8. Elevator power upgrades and other service upgrades
  9. Parking lot light installation, repair, or maintenance


  1. Residential Electrical Services:-

 In this we are provided the services related to your Building of new home, Few repairs around the house, piper electric or many more Problems. TAS(LLC) electrical company in Dubai basically expert in included terms like:-

  • GFCI Protection
  • Ceiling fan / Lighting installation
  • Wiring for basement finishes and other remodeling projects
  • Outdoor and landscape lighting solutions
  • Life safety systems including carbon monoxide and fire alarms

   Aluminum wire repair