Home Maintenance services in Dubai

TAS – Home Maintenance services in Dubai provide the unique and popular services in the home which will reduce all your efforts. We also maintain the value, life and pretty beauty of your home.

Our Maintenance company in Dubai provide all services at most affordable price Range, anytime or any place. Mortgage holder request submitted will be traceable with our Work Order and Service Request System.

 Tha main goal of our home maintenance services in Dubai provide the comfort and peace . We also provide that type of services which are taken care of your home and you don’t worry about your home because we are providing the services with safety.

We also have the successful and more experienced staff which is always ready to build your home easily and make it feel Best and Attracting. So if you want the really take care of your home and you are also want to get the home maintenance then you need to hire TAS (LLC)company in Dubai.


1.Electrical services

We provide Best Electrical Services in Dubai. 24*7 Service is Provided, when you got an issue with your Electrical Appliances. Electrical services  Issues like:-

  1. Short-circuiting of your wires get off haphazardly.
  2. Some of the time MCB reject to work on account of overabundance warming.
  3. Amid redesign of your home under the divider, wiring got irritated.

If you are hiring the Our Home maintenance in Dubai then we are provided the following Electrical repairing services:-

⦁        Rewiring

⦁        New installations

⦁        Additional power and lighting points

⦁        Telephone points

⦁        Inspection and General repair works etc


2.Home cleaning

TAS (LLC) Home maintenance services in Dubai provide the cleaning services in many different ways which are helpful to make your home neat and clean

  • Clearing
  • Mat cleaning
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Garden cleaning
  • Hotel cleaning
  • Dishwashing
  • Floor wiping

3.Plumber services

Many cases in your hometown you are facing the many technical problems related with plumbing which is not handled by everyone so for solving these problems if you are hiring TAS Plumbing & Maintenance company in Dubai then we are provided the many types of services like:-

  • Plumbing repair problems
  • Bathroom fittings process
  • Kitchen sink installation
  • Bathroom Repair
  • Bathtub Installations
  • Sinks cleaning and draining


In water purifier we are also provided the services which are related to Filter replacement, filter repair, water aspect controlling, some wire issues, full cleaning about your purifier Or many more problems are handled by the Home Maintenance services in Dubai.